The Pocket Guide to World History

Dodge City. 1864. Famed US frontier town. [Read more ...]

Dodgson, Charles. (Lewis Carroll). 1832-98. English author: Alice in Wonderland 1865. [Read more ...]

Dodo. Last seen 1681. [Read more ...]

Dodona. Site of Greek oracle of Zeus. [Read more ...]

Doenitz, Karl. 1891-1980. German admiral. Wolf pack U-boat strategy. Authorized German surrender, 1945. [Read more ...]

Doge. 697-1797. Chief magistrate in Venice, Genoa. [Read more ...]

Dogen. 1200-53. Japanese philosopher. Brought Zen sect from China. [Read more ...]

Dogger Bank Incident. 1904. Russians sink British North Sea fishing trawlers believing them to be Japanese torpedo boats. Compensation paid. Russo-Japanese War. [Read more ...]

Dolet, Étienne. 1509-46. French scholar. Executed for denying the soul’s immortality. [Read more ...]

Dollar Diplomacy. Buying a country’s support with loans, aid. [Read more ...]

Dollfuss, Engelbert. 1892-1934. Fascist Austrian Chancellor 1932-. Attacked Socialist demonstration led to 5 day civil war. Assassinated by Nazis. [Read more ...]

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