The Pocket Guide to World History

Alp-Arslan. c1030-72. Seljuk Sultan. Defeated Byzantines. Turks dominate Asia Minor. [Read more ...]

Alphabet. 1500BC. Semitic invention developed through mnemonic, pictorial, ideographic, and phonetic stages. [Read more ...]

Alphonsine Tables. 1252. Incorrect astronomical data on planets, based on geocentric system. [Read more ...]

Alpini, Prospero. 1553-1616. Italian physician. Introduced coffee and bananas to Europe. [Read more ...]

Alsace-Lorraine. Iron rich region along Rhine. 1C BC Rome. 5C Alemanni. 496 Franks. 870 German. 1648(A)/1766(L) French 1871 Prussia. 1919 France 1940 Germany. 1945 France. [Read more ...]

Altdorfer, Albrecht. c1480-1538. German founder landscape painting. [Read more ...]

Althing. 930~. Icelandic parliament. World’s oldest. [Read more ...]

Althusius, Johannes. 1557-1638. German jurist. “Father of Federalism”. [Read more ...]

Altmark Truce. 1629-35. Polish-Swedish wars of succession. [Read more ...]

Alto Adige. German speaking Tyrol area of Italy 1919-. Granted semi-independence, 1971. [Read more ...]

Altranstadt, Peace. 1706 Sweden-Poland: Augustus renounces Polish throne. 1707 Sweden-HRE: HRE buys Swedish neutrality in War of Spanish Succession. 1714 Louis XIV-Charles VI. [Read more ...]

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