The Pocket Guide to World History

Democratic Centralists. 1919-27. Russian Communists opposed to authoritarianism and bureaucracy. [Read more ...]

Democratic Party. 1792-. Major US political party. Liberalism, populism vs big business. [Read more ...]

Democritus. c460-c370BC. Greek philosopher. Atomic theory of matter. Separate mind. Man’s goal is happiness and tranquility. [Read more ...]

Demosthenes. 384-322BC. Greek orator and politician. Opposed Philip of Macedon. Philippics. Led unsuccessful revolt. Suicide. [Read more ...]

Denfert-Rochereau, Philippe. 1823-78. French Colonel in war of 1870. [Read more ...]

Deng Xiaoping. 1902-97. Chinese Communist leader 1973~. Purged by Mao, rehabilitated. Tiananmen. [Read more ...]

Denikin, Anton. 1872-1947. Russian general of White Army, 1918-20. [Read more ...]

Denis, Maurice. 1870-1943. French religious painter. [Read more ...]

Denis, St. -250. Patron St. of France, martyred first bishop of Paris. Carried his head to St-Denis Abbey. [Read more ...]

Denmark. 6C Viking. 9C Large kingdom + NE England. 10C United; + Norway. 1013-1042 + England. 12C + N Germany. 13C Civil war. 1340 Re-united. 1380 + Norway. 1388 -1523 + Sweden. 1720 Colonized Greenland. 1814 -Norway. 1815-64 +Schleswig, Holstein. WWI Neutral. 1920 +N Schleswig. WWII German occupation. 1944 -Iceland. [Read more ...]

Deogaon, Treaty. 1803. Marathans cedes land, power to British East India Co. [Read more ...]

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