The Pocket Guide to World History

Delius, Frederick. 1862-1934. English/French Impressionist opera composer. Tone poems. [Read more ...]

Della-Cruscans. 18C. English poets of sentimental Italian verse. [Read more ...]

Della Robbia, Luca. c1400-82. Italian sculptor. Angels for Florence Cathedral Cantoria. c1435. Introduced enamelled terra-cotta. [Read more ...]

Delorme, Philibert. c1510-70. French Classical architect. Tuileries Palace 1564. Old Paris Hôtel de Ville. [Read more ...]

Delphi. 7C BC-363 AD. Oracle of Apollo. Site of Pythian games. [Read more ...]

Demagogue. In Greece, leader popular with masses. Now, a politician who plays on popular passions for personal gain. [Read more ...]

Demarcation Bull. 1493. Pope Alexander VI divides New World between Portugal/Spain. Tordesillas. [Read more ...]

Deme. Subdivision of a Greek City-State. [Read more ...]

Demeter. Greek goddess of agriculture = Ceres. [Read more ...]

Demetrius II. Syrian King 145~125BC. Freed Jews from Syrian taxes. [Read more ...]

Democracy. Government based on rule by the people. [Read more ...]

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