The Pocket Guide to World History

Deorham, Battle. 577. Saxons def Welsh. [Read more ...]

Deposition Bull. 1535 Henry VIII excommunicated. 1570 Elizabeth I excommunicated. [Read more ...]

Depression. 1873-96. Caused by gold shortage, agricultural shortage, overspeculation, deflation. [Read more ...]

Depression, Great. 1929-34. Speculation, shortage of capital, tarrifs led to unemployment, European move to right, totalitarianism. [Read more ...]

Derby, Earl of. 1799-1869. English Prime Minister 1852, 58, 66. Abolition of slavery. [Read more ...]

Dervish. Friar of Islam religion. Often mystic. [Read more ...]

Desaix, Louis. 1768-1800. French general. Killed at Marengo. [Read more ...]

Desargues, Girard. 1591-1661. French geometrician. [Read more ...]

Descartes, René. 1596-1650. French Rationalist philosopher, physician, mathematician. Cartesian coordinates. Discourse on Method 1637. “Cogito ergo sum”-I think, therefore I am. Analytical Geometry 1636. Meditations 1641. Principia Philosophica 1645. [Read more ...]

Desert Storm. 1991. Gulf War. [Read more ...]

Desiderius. Last Lombard king 757-74. Defeated by Charlemagne. [Read more ...]

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