The Pocket Guide to World History

DeLeon, Daniel. 1852-1914. US Marxist. Founded IWW. Editor The People. [Read more ...]

Delescluze, Charles. 1809-71. French journalist. Led 1871 Commune. [Read more ...]

Delft. Dutch city famous 17-18C for pottery. [Read more ...]

Delhi. 1192 Moslems build. 1638 Mogul capital. 1739 Persians sack, take Peacock Throne. 1803 Britain. [Read more ...]

Delhi Durbar. 1911. George V holds court in Delhi. Only occasion of its kind. [Read more ...]

Delhi Pact. 1931. Civil disobedience in India ceased in exchange for prisoner release. 1950. India, Pakistan restore rights, freedom of movement for refugees. [Read more ...]

Delhi Sultanate. 13-16C. First Indian Moslem Empire. [Read more ...]

Delian League. 478-404BC. 140-400 Greek cities allied for mutual protection vs Persia. Basis of Athenian power. Revived 378 as Athenian League. [Read more ...]

Delibes, Leo. 1836-91. French ballet composer: Coppélia 1870. [Read more ...]

Delilah. Old Testament courtesan. Betrayed Samson. [Read more ...]

Delisle, Guillaume. 1675-1726. French “Father of Cartography”. Early accurate maps. [Read more ...]

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