The Pocket Guide to World History

DeHavilland, Geoffrey. 1882-1965. British aviation pioneer, Moth series. [Read more ...]

Deira. 6C. Anglian kingdom in Northumbria. [Read more ...]

Deirdre. Fled Ireland with her lover, who was killed by King Conchobar in old tale. [Read more ...]

Deism. Theory that God’s existence can be proven by reason, not just known by revelation (Theism). Rousseau. Voltaire. Jefferson. [Read more ...]

Dekker, Thomas. c1572-1632. English satiric dramatist. Shoemaker’s Holiday 1600. [Read more ...]

Delacroix, Eugène. 1798-1863. French Romantic painter. Dante and Virgil. Massacre at Chios 1824. [Read more ...]

Delalande, Michel-Richard. 1657-1726. French ecclesiastic composer. [Read more ...]

Delany, Martin. 1812-85. US black physician. Founded Mystery newspaper for black rights. [Read more ...]

Delaroche, Paul. 1797-1859. French portrait and historical painter. Death of Queen Elizabeth. Children of Edward. [Read more ...]

Delaware. “First” US state. Owasco, Delaware, Nanticoke, Assateague. 1609 English exploredl. 1631 Dutch. 1638 Swedish. 1655 Dutch. 1664 England. [Read more ...]

Delcassé, Théophile. 1852-1923. French statesman. Fashoda. Anglo-French Entente. Treaty of London. [Read more ...]

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