The Pocket Guide to World History

Deductive Reasoning. Aristotelian. Derivation of universal truths from prior certainties. Syllogisms. [Read more ...]

Deere, John. 1804-86. US inventor of steel plow. [Read more ...]

Defence of India Act. 1915. Britain. Caused Noncooperation Movement. [Read more ...]

Defender of the Faith. 1521. Title conferred by Pope Leo X on Henry VIII. Withdrawn after Act of Supremacy. Reconfirmed by Parliament, 1544 for all succeeding monarchs. [Read more ...]

Defenestration of Prague. 1419. Hussites eject aldermen. 1618. Protestants throw regents out window. Begins Thirty Years War. [Read more ...]

Deflation. Rapid fall in prices. [Read more ...]

Defoe, Daniel. 1660-1731. English writer: Robinson Crusoe 1719; Moll Flanders 1722. Idea of savings bank, 1697. [Read more ...]

DeForest, Lee. 1873-1961. US vacuum tube inventor. [Read more ...]

Degas, Edgar. 1834-1917. French Impressionist painter of dancers and cafe life. Rehearsal. Tub. [Read more ...]

DeGasperi, Alcide. 1881-1954. Italian Prime Minister 1945-53. Post-war reconstruction. [Read more ...]

DeGaulle, Charles. 1890-1970. Led Free French during WWII. Provisional President 1944-6. President 58-69. Fifth Republic. [Read more ...]

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