The Pocket Guide to World History

Decadents. 19C. Writers who believed art should be above conventional morality. Mallarmé. Wilde. Verlaine. [Read more ...]

Decalogue. Ten Commandments. [Read more ...]

Decatur, Stephen. 1779-1820. US naval officer. -“Our country, right or wrong”. [Read more ...]

Decazes, Elie, duc de. 1780-1860. Minister of Louis XVIII. Moderate leader. [Read more ...]

Decembrists. 1825. Conspiracy to overthrow Czar Nicholas I. Betrayed. Established Russia’s revolutionary tradition. [Read more ...]

Decius. c201-251. Roman Emperor 249-. First systematic persecution of Christians. [Read more ...]

Declaration of Independence. July 4, 1776. American colonies declare independence from British rule during War of Independence. [Read more ...]

Declaration of Rights. 1689. Rights, Bill of. [Read more ...]

Declaration of the 26 Nations. 1942. Washington. First reference to United Nations. Agreement to no separate truce with Axis. [Read more ...]

Declaration of the Rights of Man. 1789. Rights of Man, Declaration. [Read more ...]

Decorated English Architecture. 1250-1375. Introduced lighting and shade effects. York Minster. [Read more ...]

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