The Pocket Guide to World History

De Wet, Christiaan. 1854-1922. Boer general. Led 1914 Rebellion. [Read more ...]

Deacon. Christian cleric. Lowest rank of Episcopal Holy Orders. Protestant lay official. [Read more ...]

Dead Sea Scrolls. 3C BC-1C AD. Old Testament texts of Essenes. Discovered at Qumrum, 1947. [Read more ...]

Deák, Ferenc. 1803-76. Hungarian leader. Ausgleich. [Read more ...]

Deakin, Alfred. 1856-1919. Australian Prime Minister 1903~10. First Attorney General 1901. Led federation movement. [Read more ...]

Dean, James. 1931-55. US film star. Rebel Without a Cause 1955. [Read more ...]

Deane, Silas. 1737-89. American Revolutionary. First US foreign diplomat. [Read more ...]

Deborah. Old Testament prophet. [Read more ...]

Debs, Eugene. 1855-1926. US socialist leader. Led Pullman Strike 1894. [Read more ...]

Deburau, J.B.G. 1796-1846. French mime. [Read more ...]

Debussy, Claude. 1862-1918. French Impressionist composer. System of harmonic images. Nocturnes. La Mer 1905. [Read more ...]

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