The Pocket Guide to World History

Dayan, Moshe. 1915-81. Israeli general in Arab-Israeli Wars. Cabinet Minister 1967~79. [Read more ...]

Daye, Stephen. 1594-1668. First printing press in American colonies 1639. [Read more ...]

De Kooning, Willem. 1904-97. Dutch/US Abstract Expressionist painter. Woman 1950s. [Read more ...]

De La Mare, Walter. 1873-1956. English children’s poet, novelist. [Read more ...]

De La Tour, George. 1593-1652. French Caravaggist painter. Cheater with the Ace of Diamonds. [Read more ...]

De Mille, Cecil B. 1881-1959. US. First US Feature film. Squaw Man 1913. Ten Commandments 1923, 1956. Epics. [Read more ...]

De Quincey, Thomas. 1785-1859. English essayist. Confessions of an English Opium Eater 1821. [Read more ...]

De Soto, Hernando. 1500-42. Spanish explorer. First across Mississippi. [Read more ...]

De-Stalinization. 1956. Soviet denunciation of Stalin’s regime and policies. [Read more ...]

De Valéra, Eamon. 1882-1975. US/Irish mathematician. Led Easter Uprising. Led Sinn Fein, 1917-26. Founded Fianna Fáil 1926. Prime Minister of Irish Free State, 1931~59. President 59-73. [Read more ...]

De Vries. Mutation laws, 1901. [Read more ...]

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