The Pocket Guide to World History

Daigo II. 1287-1339. Japanese Emperor 1318-. Failed to ovethrow Shogunate. Exiled. [Read more ...]

Dail Eireann. 1919. Irish national parliament. [Read more ...]

Daily Telegraph Affair. 1908. Unauthorized interview of Kaiser causes protests in Germany. [Read more ...]

Daimler, Gottlieb. 1834-1900. German. Gasoline engine, 1885. Automobile, 1886. Benz. Maybach. [Read more ...]

Daimyo. 8C-1869. Japanese feudal lords. [Read more ...]

Daladier, Édouard. 1884-1970. French Prime Minister, 1933~40. Munich Agreement. [Read more ...]

Dalai Lama. 14C- Leader of Tibetan Buddhists. Ruled Tibet until 1959 exile to India. Lamaism. Yellow Hats. Tenzin Gyatso. [Read more ...]

Dale, Henry. 1875-1968. English physiologist. Nerve transmission process. [Read more ...]

Dalhousie, First Marquess. 1812-60. British Governor General of India 1847-56. Annexed Punjab, 1849, Rangoon, Burma. Built railway, telegraph. Lapse doctrine caused Indian Mutiny. [Read more ...]

Dali, Salvador. 1904-89. Spanish Surrealist painter of nightmare visions. Persistence of Memory. Crucifixion. [Read more ...]

Dalmatia. Balkans. 1420 Venice. 1797 Austria. 1920 Yugoslavia. 1941 Italy occupies. 1947 Yugoslavia. 1992 Croatia. [Read more ...]

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