The Pocket Guide to World History

Dalou, Jules. 1838-1902. French Baroque sculptor of public monuments. [Read more ...]

Dalton, John. 1766-1844. English scientist. Law of Partial Pressures. Color blindness 1793. [Read more ...]

Damascus. c2500BC. World’s oldest continuously inhabited city. Syria. [Read more ...]

Damiens, Robert-François. 1715-1757. Stabbed Louis XV. Quartered. [Read more ...]

Damocles. 4C BC. Dionysius suspended a sword by a single hair over his head at a banquet. [Read more ...]

Damon and Pythias. Syracuse true friends. Damon pledged his life for Pythias’, awaiting execution. [Read more ...]

Dampier, William. 1651-1715. First English scientific explorer. Pirate, 1678-91. New Voyage Round the World, 1697. [Read more ...]

Dan. Jacob and Bilhah’s son. Founded one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. [Read more ...]

Dana, Charles. 1819-97. US journalist, editor. Attacked corruption. [Read more ...]

Dana, Richard. 1815-82. US writer. Two Years Before the Mast. [Read more ...]

Danaë. Mother of Perseus by Zeus. Danaïdes. [Read more ...]

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