The Pocket Guide to World History

Czechoslovakia Intervention. 1968. Russian troops end Dubcek reform policies. Warsaw Pact maintains right to intervene anywhere Socialism is threatened. [Read more ...]

D-Day. June 6, 1944. Normandy Landing. [Read more ...]

Dabrowski, Jan. 1755-1818. Polish general under Napoleon, hero in rebellion vs Russia. [Read more ...]

Dachau. 1933-45. Nazi concentration camp. [Read more ...]

Dacia. Ancient name for Romania. [Read more ...]

Dada. Anarchistic, deliberately shocking “non-art” begun in Zurich, 1916. Led to Surrealism. Arp. Duchamp. Ernst. [Read more ...]

Daedalus. Builder of the Crete labyrinth. Escaped Minos with artificial wings. Icarus. [Read more ...]

Dagobert I-III. Merovingian French kings in 7-8C. [Read more ...]

Dagon. Semite/Philistine fertility god. [Read more ...]

Daguerre, Jacques. 1789-1851. French inventor of Daguerrotype photographic process 1837. [Read more ...]

Dahomey. 1610 Kingdom. Flourished 18-19C. Benin. [Read more ...]

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