The Pocket Guide to World History

Crusades. 1095-1272. European Christian wars to regain Holy Land after Seljuk Turks take Jerusalem in 1072. Literature and the arts benefitted from Eastern cultural infusion. Peasants 1096. Annihilated. First. 1096-99. Genoa financed Godfrey of Bouillon to recapture Jerusalem. Only successful crusade. Second. 1147-49. Louis VII and Conrad III pillage Byzantium. Third. 1189-92. Richard I and Philip II Truce with Saladin allows access to Jerusalem. Fourth. 1202-4. French and Flemish nobles conquer, sack Constantinople, form Latin Empire. Childrens. 1212. Stephen of Cloyes led 30,000 unarmed French youths. Nicholas of Cologne led 20,000 German. All died or enslaved. Fifth. 1218-21. John of Brienne in Egypt. Sixth. 1228-29. Frederick II crowned king of Jerusalem. Seventh. 1248-54. St Louis of France captured by Egypt and ransomed. Eighth. 1270. St Louis dies of plague. Ninth. 1271-2. Prince Edward of England. [Read more ...]

Crystal Palace. 1851. Built for the Great Exhibition, London. First iron-framed. Burned, 1936. Paxton. [Read more ...]

Cuba. Ciboney, Arawak. 1492 Columbus discovers. 1511 Spanish colony. 1517 Slaves brought. 1898 US. Spanish-American War. 1902 Republic. 1957-9 Castro Revolution, Communist dictatorship. [Read more ...]

Cuban Missile Crisis. 1962. Kennedy blockades Cuba to prevent Soviet missile installation. [Read more ...]

Cuban Revolution. 1956-9. Castro overthrows Batista. [Read more ...]

Cubism. 1907. Braque and Picasso reduce painting to minimum geometric forms. Demoiselles d’Avignon, 1907. Term coined by Braque 1909. [Read more ...]

Cubism, Synthetic. 1913. Braque and Picasso create a collage form of painting. [Read more ...]

Cuchulain. Legendary powerful Irish warrior. [Read more ...]

Cugnot, Joseph. 1725-1804. French engineer. First steam car, 1769. [Read more ...]

Culhwch + Olwen. c1100. Earliest Arthurian romance. [Read more ...]

Culloden, Battle. 1746. Ended Jacobite Rebellion. [Read more ...]

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