The Pocket Guide to World History

Crofters Act. 1886. Gave rights, security to crofters. [Read more ...]

Croker, JW. 1833. Coined ’Conservative’ for Tory. [Read more ...]

Crompton, Samuel. 1753-1827. Invented spinning mule, 1779. [Read more ...]

Cromwell, Oliver. 1599-1658. Led revolution in England, 1649. Lord Protector of the Realm, 1653-. Commonwealth Head of Government, 1649-. Signed Charles I death warrant. [Read more ...]

Cromwell, Richard. 1626-1712. Lord Protector of England. 1658-9. Son of Oliver. [Read more ...]

Cronus. Greek Titan = Saturn. Swallowed own children. [Read more ...]

Crookes, William. 1832-1919. English physicist. Invented Crookes tube. Discovered thallium. Radiometer. [Read more ...]

Crosby, Bing. 1904-77. US singer and actor. White Christmas-best selling record until 1998. [Read more ...]

Cross, Richard. 1823-1914. British statesman: First urban renewal act. [Read more ...]

Crossword Puzzles. 1923 US. 1930 Times. [Read more ...]

Crucifixion. Abolished 4C by Constantine. [Read more ...]

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