The Pocket Guide to World History

Culpeper’s Rebellion. 1677-79. Carolina colonists vs England. Establish their own government. [Read more ...]

Cult of Reason. Reason, Cult of. [Read more ...]

Cultural Revolution. 1966-9. Mao’s Red Guards purge China of bourgeois, capitalist elements. [Read more ...]

Cumae. 750BC-1205. Oldest Greek colony in Italy. Near Naples. [Read more ...]

Cumberland, Richard. 1631-1718. Philosopher, “father” of English Utilitarianism. [Read more ...]

Cummings, e.e. 1894-1962. Eccentric US poet. Tulips and Chimneys 1923. [Read more ...]

Cunaeus. Leyden jar battery 1745. [Read more ...]

Cunard, Samuel. 1787-1865. Canadian. First regular steamship line. [Read more ...]

Cunaxa, Battle. 401BC. Failed revolt vs Artaxerxes II. Retreat of the Ten Thousand. [Read more ...]

Cuneiform. 3000-1C BC. Sumerian writing form in clay with triangular pointed stick. Spread widely. [Read more ...]

Cunningham, Andrew. 1883-1963. WWII admiral, British chief of naval staff 1943-6. [Read more ...]

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