The Pocket Guide to World History

Abd ar-Rahman. -732. Moslem Governor of Andalusia. Def, killed at Poitiers. [Read more ...]

Abd ar-Rahman. c1779-1859. Sultan of Morocco/Fez, 1822. Fought French, 1844 in Algeria. [Read more ...]

Abd ar-Rahman I. 731-788. Umayyad emir of Cordoba, 755-. Repelled Charlemagne. [Read more ...]

Abd el-Kader. 1808-83. Arab emir who fought French 1840-46; founded Algerian state. [Read more ...]

Abd el-Krim. 1882-1963. Fought France and Spain in Morocco. Founded Republic of Rif 1921-26. [Read more ...]

Abdul Rahman, Tunku. 1903-90. First Prime Minister of independent Malaya 1957-70. United Malay, Chinese, Indian factions. [Read more ...]

Abel. Old Testament. Second son of Adam and Eve. Killed by Cain. [Read more ...]

Abel, Frederick. 1827-1902. English inventor of military explosive cordite with Dewar, 1889. [Read more ...]

Abel, Rudolf. 1902-71. Russian spy traded for Powers. [Read more ...]

Abélard, Pierre. 1079-c1144. French Conceptualist theologian of Notre-Dame. Advocated discussion vs dogma. Famed love of Héloïse. Accused of heresy 1121. Letters to Heloise 1103. Sic et Non 1132. Theologia. [Read more ...]

Abercrombie, Patrick. 1879-1957. British architect: Greater London town plan, 1943. [Read more ...]

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