The Pocket Guide to World History

Aarau Treaty. 1712. Ended Swiss War. [Read more ...]

Aaron. c14C BC. Old Testament. Brother of Moses. Later his rival. [Read more ...]

Aasen, Ivar. 1813-96. Developed New Norwegian language, officially adopted, 1907. [Read more ...]

Abbadids. 1023-91. Moslem dynasty in Andalusia. [Read more ...]

Abbas, Ferhat. 1899-1995. First President of independent Algeria 1962-3. [Read more ...]

Abbas II. 1874-1944. Last Egyptian khedive, 1892-. Opposed British. Deposed, 1914. [Read more ...]

Abbasid. 750-1258. Second Empire of Caliphate dynasty. Overthrew Umayyads; destroyed by Mongols. [Read more ...]

Abbaye Prison. Principal site of 1792 September Massacres. [Read more ...]

Abbeville Treaty. 1258. England returns Normandy to France. [Read more ...]

ABC Powers. 1905. Argentina, Brazil, Chile. [Read more ...]

Abd al-Mumin. 1094-1163. Founded Almohad Empire in north Africa and Spain. Massacred Almoravids. [Read more ...]

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