The Pocket Guide to World History

Coward, Noel. 1899-1973. English playwright. Comedies of manners. Private Lives 1930. [Read more ...]

Cowell, Henry. 1887-1965. US avant-garde composer. Tone Clusters. [Read more ...]

Cowper, William. 1731-1800. English poet. The Task. [Read more ...]

Craig, James. 1871-1940. First Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, 1921-. [Read more ...]

Cranach, Lucas. 1472-1553. German painter and engraver. Luther 1533. [Read more ...]

Crane, Stephen. 1871-1900. US writer. Red Badge of Courage 1895. Short stories. [Read more ...]

Cranmer, Thomas. 1489-1556. First Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury. Executed by Queen Mary. [Read more ...]

Crapper, Thomas. 1836-1910. British plumber. Installed Queen Victoria’s toilets. Manufacturer, but not inventor of syphonic flush toilets. [Read more ...]

Crassus, Lucius. 140-91BC. Roman statesman, orator. Banished non-citizens, causing Social War. [Read more ...]

Crassus, Marcus. c115-53BC. First Roman triumvirate member. Suppressed Spartacus’ slave revolt. [Read more ...]

Crazy Horse. c1842-1877. Sioux Indian chief vs Custer at Little Bighorn. [Read more ...]

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