The Pocket Guide to World History

Couperin. 17-18C French family of Baroque composers. [Read more ...]

Couperin, François. 1668-1733. French Baroque keyboard composer. Concerts Royeaux, Leçons de Ténebres 1714. [Read more ...]

Cour Carrée. Central court of Louvre designed by Percier and Fontaine. [Read more ...]

Courbet, Gustave. 1819-77. French Realist painter, socialist activist. Commune. The Artist’s Studio 1855. [Read more ...]

Court of Miracles. In Middle Ages in Paris, area where beggars lived at night, shedding their wooden legs, etc. [Read more ...]

Courtois, Bernard. 1777-1838. French. Iodine 1811. [Read more ...]

Cousin, Jean the Elder. 1490-1560. French painter. Eva Prima Pandora, early French nude. [Read more ...]

Cousteau, Jacques. 1910-97. French underwater explorer. [Read more ...]

Couthon, Georges. 1755-94. French aide to Robespierre. Guillotined. [Read more ...]

Covenant, National. National Covenant. [Read more ...]

Coverdale, Miles. 1488-1569. English religious reformer, psalm + bible translator. [Read more ...]

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