The Pocket Guide to World History

Crédit Mobilier of America. 1865-72. Scandal involving illegal profits, graft in Union Pacific Railroad construction. [Read more ...]

Creek War. 1813-14. Creek Indians defeated by Jackson, give up lands to US. [Read more ...]

Creole. 16-18C White person born in America of Spanish parents. Now varied meanings. [Read more ...]

Creon. Oedipus’ uncle. King of Thebes. Killed Antigone. [Read more ...]

Crépy, Treaty. 1544. Ends 23 years of war between Holy Roman Empire and France. [Read more ...]

Cressida. Unfaithful to Troilus, she deserted Troy for the Greeks. [Read more ...]

Crete. c6100BC Knossos civilization. 3500BC Minoan. 1100BC Greek 67BC Rome. 826 Saracen. 960 Byzantine. 1205 Venice. 1669 Ottoman. 1912 Greece. 1941-45 Germany occupies. [Read more ...]

Crete, Battle. 1941. First German airborne invasion. [Read more ...]

Crichton, James “The Admirable”. 1560-82. Scottish adventurer/scholar. [Read more ...]

Crick, Francis. 1916-. British discoverer of DNA structure with Watson 1953. [Read more ...]

Cricket. 1598 derived from Club ball. 1877 First Test Match Australia/England. [Read more ...]

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