The Pocket Guide to World History

Corn Laws. 1804-15. British agricultural price support. Repeal, 1846, marks transformation from agricultural to industrial priorities and free trade. [Read more ...]

Corneille, Pierre. 1606-84. French tragic playwright. La Veuve 1634. Nicomède 1636. Le Cid 1637. [Read more ...]

Cornish. -1780. Celtic language. Breton. [Read more ...]

Cornwallis, Charles. 1738-1805. British General. Ended American Revolution by surrender at Yorktown. [Read more ...]

Cornwallis Code. 1793. For civil servants in India. No private trade. No Indians in important posts. [Read more ...]

Coronado, Francisco de. 1510-54. Spanish explorer. Grand Canyon, 1540. [Read more ...]

Corot, Camille. 1796-1875. French painter, forerunner of Barbizon school of Art. Narni Bridge 1827. [Read more ...]

Corporate State. Mussolini economic system. Capitalist elements in state controlled economy. [Read more ...]

Corpus Juris Civilis. Developed 529-35. Roman legal code. Influenced European legal systems. [Read more ...]

Corregio. 1494-1534. Italian painter. Anticipated Baroque Style. Virgin and St. Francis 1515. Adoration 1530. Leda and Swans 1531. [Read more ...]

Corsica. 6C BC Phocaean. Etruscan. 278BC Carthage. 259BC Rome. 5C Vandal. 6C Byzantine. 8C Papacy. 10C Saracen. 1077 Pisa. 1296 Genoa, Aragon dispute. 1569 Genoa. 1768 France. 1794 Britain. 1796 France 1814-15 British occupy. WWII Germans occupy. [Read more ...]

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