The Pocket Guide to World History

Cortes. Spanish National Assembly. [Read more ...]

Cortes, Hernan. 1485-1547. Castillian captain, conquered Mexico,1519-21. [Read more ...]

Corvée. Statute labour. Abolished 1792 Fr, 1891 Egypt. [Read more ...]

Cosmological Argument. God exists as first cause. [Read more ...]

Cossacks. Russian peasant soldiers. [Read more ...]

Costa Rica. 1502 Columbus discovers. 1564 Spain settles. 1821 Independent. 1822 Mexican Empire. 1823 CAF. 1838 Republic. [Read more ...]

Coster, Laurens. 1370-c1440. Dutch inv of moveable type, perhaps before Gutenberg. [Read more ...]

Côte d’Ivoire. Ivory Coast. [Read more ...]

Cotte, Robert de. 1656-1735. Architect. Chancel of Notre-Dame, Esplanade, Versailles. [Read more ...]

Cotton Famine. 1861-5. English depression due to supply cut-off during American Civil War. [Read more ...]

Coty, René. 1882-1962. President of France, 1954-59. Algerian Crisis 1958, led to return of deGaulle. [Read more ...]

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