The Pocket Guide to World History

Cordeliers. 15C- Franciscan nuns. [Read more ...]

Cordeliers. 1790-4. French moderate revolutionaries. Met at convent. Petitioned vs king. Most executed. Marat. [Read more ...]

Cordiale, Entente. = Anglo-French Entente Cordiale. [Read more ...]

Cordoba, Treaty. 1821. Mexican independent from Spain. [Read more ...]

Corelli, Arcangelo. 1653-1713. Italian violinist and composer. Early developer of concerto 1712. [Read more ...]

Corfu Incident. 1923. Italy occupies Corfu. [Read more ...]

Corfu Pact. 1917. Called for creation of Yugoslavia. [Read more ...]

Corinth. 1350BC “Founded by Sisyphus”. 243BC Achaean League. 146 Rome destroys, rebuilds 46BC. Byzantine. 1458 Ottoman. 1687 Venice. 1715 Ottoman 1822 Greece. [Read more ...]

Corinth Canal. 1882-93. [Read more ...]

Corinthian. Most recent style of Classical Greek Architecture. Acanthus leaves on column capital. [Read more ...]

Corinthian Wars. 395-387BC. Athens and allies overcome Spartan domination. [Read more ...]

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