The Pocket Guide to World History

Coolie.19C Chinese indentured labourer. [Read more ...]

Cooper, James Fenimore. 1789-1851. US adventure writer: Last of Mohicans 1826. Deerslayer 1841. [Read more ...]

Copenhagen, Battle. 1801. Nelson destroys Danish fleet. 1807. British bomb Copenhagen. [Read more ...]

Copernicus, Nicolaus. 1473-1543. Polish astronomer, who demonstrated planetary motion around sun 1528. De Revolutionibus. Aristarchus. Galileo. [Read more ...]

Copland, Aaron. 1900-90. US composer blending Jewish, folk, jazz, and Latin influences into a popular style. Experimented with serial techniques. [Read more ...]

Copper Age. c3000BC. Early Bronze Age. [Read more ...]

Coptics. Monophysite Christian church in Egypt. 451 Schism from Rome. [Read more ...]

Copyright ©. 1518 Pynson, king’s printer. 1710 Britain. Copyright Act. 1789 Ramsey in US. 1831 US Act. 1838 International. 1886 Berne Convention. 1952 Universal Copyright Convention. 1988 US joins Berne. 1998 US Digital Millenium Copyright Act. [Read more ...]

Coral Sea, Battle. 1942. US checks Japanese advances. WWII. [Read more ...]

Corbeil, Treaty. 1258. France, Aragon. Settled territorial disputes. [Read more ...]

Corday, Charlotte. 1768-93. Killed Marat July 13, 1793. [Read more ...]

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