The Pocket Guide to World History

Consulate. 1799-1804. Napoleon’s military triumvirate after Directory overthrown. [Read more ...]

Continental Army. 1775-81. American Revolution army under George Washington. [Read more ...]

Continental Congress. 1774-89. US Government until Constitution approved. Proclaimed Declaration of Independence. [Read more ...]

Continental System. 1806-12. Napoleon’s European embargo vs Britain. Russian refusal led to 1812 Campaign. British retaliation led to Anglo-American War 1812. [Read more ...]

Contraceptive Pill. 1952 Available. [Read more ...]

Conventice Acts. 1593, 1664-1689. Suppressed dissension in Church of England. [Read more ...]

Convention of 1818. Established 49th parallel as US-Canada border. [Read more ...]

Convention Parliament. 1660. Restored monarchy. William and Mary 1689. [Read more ...]

Conway Cabal. 1777 plot to replace Washington with Gates at head of Continental Army. [Read more ...]

Cook, James. 1728-79. English explorer. Sailed to Tahiti to see transit of Venus, 1768. Charted New Zealand 1769. Claimed Australia 1770. [Read more ...]

Cook, Thomas. 1808-92. English. First modern conducted tours, 1841. [Read more ...]

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