The Pocket Guide to World History

Constantine I. 274-338. Roman Emperor 306-, established Christianity as official religion. Moved capital to Constantinople. United state and church. [Read more ...]

Constantine I. 1868-1923. King of Greece, 1913-17. Refused to support Allies in WWI. Abdicated. Restored 1920-2. Abdicated again. [Read more ...]

Constantine V. 718-775. Byzantine Emperor 741-. Lost Rome and Italy. [Read more ...]

Constantine XI. -1453. Last Byzantine Emperor 1449-. Died during Turkish siege. [Read more ...]

Constantinople. Byzantium. Now Istanbul. [Read more ...]

Constantinople, Fall of. 1453. Mehmed II. Name changed. [Read more ...]

Constantinople Agreements. 1915. Secret French/British pact to give Dardanelles to Russia after WWI. Bolsheviks repudiated all previous treaties, but publicized secret ones-embarrassing. [Read more ...]

Constitution. 1797. US warship Old Ironsides. [Read more ...]

Constitution, US. 1787. Effective 1789. Defines government, liberties, basic laws. Amendments I-X 1791 Bill of Rights. XIII 1865 Abolishes slavery. XVIII 1919 Prohibition. XIX 1920 Women suffrage. XXI 1933 Repeals Prohibition. XXVI 1971 Voting age 18. [Read more ...]

Constitutional Convention. 1787. Philadelphia. Amended Articles of Confederation. Constitution. [Read more ...]

Consul. 509BC-. Roman chief magistrate. [Read more ...]

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