The Pocket Guide to World History

Conquistadors. Spanish conquerors in America. [Read more ...]

Conrad, Joseph. 1857-1924. Polish/English novelist emphasizing relations between people and circumstances. Lord Jim 1900. Heart of Darkness 1902. [Read more ...]

Conrad I. -918. First non-Carolingian king of Germany 911-. [Read more ...]

Conrad von Hotzendorf, Franz. 1852-1925. Austro-Hungarian Chief of Staff, 1906~17. [Read more ...]

Conscience, Hendrik. 1812-83. Romantic novelist; developed Flemish novel. [Read more ...]

Conscription. 1793. Carnot devised first compulsory military service for France. Used in Egypt’s Old Kingdom. [Read more ...]

Conservative Party. Britain. 1832. Successor to Tory Party. [Read more ...]

Constable, John. 1776-1837. English Naturalist landscape painter. Hay Wain 1821. Valley Farm. Waterloo Bridge 1831. [Read more ...]

Constance, Council. 1414-18. Ended Great Schism. Church council victory over papal power. Martin V elected pope. [Read more ...]

Constance, Peace. 1446. Zurich and neighbouring cantons. [Read more ...]

Constant de Rebecque, Benjamin. 1767-1830. Swiss/French author. Adolphe. [Read more ...]

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