The Pocket Guide to World History

Congo Conference. 1884. Bismarck mediates. Congo comes under Belgian sovereignty. [Read more ...]

Congregationalism. 1581-. Protestant Church organization of local churches governing themselves. Browne. [Read more ...]

Congress, US. Senate and House of Representatives. Legislative branch of government. [Read more ...]

Congress (I) Party. 1978-. Split from Congress Party under Indira Gandhi. [Read more ...]

Congress Party. 1885-. Indian political party. In power 1947-77. [Read more ...]

Congress Poland. 1815-64. Polish Kingdom created by Congress of Vienna. Ruled by Russian Czar. [Read more ...]

Congress System. 1815-25. Diplomacy by regular meetings of Britain, Austria, Prussia, and Russia. [Read more ...]

Congreve, William. 1670-1729. English playwright of manners. Way of the World 1700. [Read more ...]

Connecticut Compromise. 1787 Constitutional Convention. Bicameral US Congress. [Read more ...]

Connecticut Wits. 18C US satiric collaborative poets. Anarchiad 1786-87. [Read more ...]

Conquillards. Jargon language. Villon. [Read more ...]

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