The Pocket Guide to World History

Compton, Arthur. 1892-1962. US physicist: C Effect, 1923. [Read more ...]

Comte, Auguste. 1798-1857. French Positivist philosopher. Religion belongs to primitive society. Positivism 1830. Tejada Law. [Read more ...]

Comunero. 1520-1. Spanish Republican rebellion. Crushed, but effected policy changes. [Read more ...]

Comus. Greek god of mirth and joy. [Read more ...]

Concentration Camps. 1862-65 USA. 1899-1902. British internment of Boers in South Africa. 1922-91. USSR. 1933-45 Nazi prisons for extermination and slave labour. Buchenwald. Auschwitz. Dachau. 1942-6 US Relocation Centers. 1942-46 Canada. 1950’s Kenya. 1973 Chile. [Read more ...]

Conceptualism. Reality has no objective existence; it is a concept in the mind. Abelard. [Read more ...]

Conciliarism. 12C-. General Council has greater power than pope. Popular during Great Schism. [Read more ...]

Concini, Concino. -1617. Italian favourite of Marie de Medici. Marshal of France. Executed. [Read more ...]

Concord, Book of. 1580. Synthesis of creeds and catechisms of Lutheranism. [Read more ...]

Concordat. Ecclesiastic treaty between church and state. [Read more ...]

Concordat. 1801-1905. Regulation of French church instituted by Napoleon. [Read more ...]

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