The Pocket Guide to World History

Commonwealth, British. 1926-. Free association of autonomous countries. Evolved from the British Empire. Statute of Westminster 1931. [Read more ...]

Commune. 1789-94. Paris council. Overode the National Assembly by controlling administration. [Read more ...]

Commune, Paris. 1871. Revolutionary government formed when Thiers abandoned Paris to Prussians. Crushed 2 months later by McMahon. 20,000 killed. [Read more ...]

Communism. Collective ownership of property and industry. Wealth shared according to need. Eventually, “dictatorship of proletariat”. [Read more ...]

Communist Manifesto. 1848. Marx and Engels call for Proletariat to control business and government. [Read more ...]

Communist Party. USSR. 1918. Name adopted by Bolsheviks for Social Democratic Workers’ Party. Parties started in Britain, USA, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Germany soon after. [Read more ...]

Comnenus. 1081-1185. Byzantine dynasty. [Read more ...]

Comoros. 8C Moslem. 1527 Europeans explore. 1886 France. 1975 Independent. [Read more ...]

Compass. 2634BC Chinese invention. [Read more ...]

Compromise of 1850. Acts to prevent secession of US slave states. [Read more ...]

Compte Rendu. 1781. Necker reveals pitiful state of French finances. [Read more ...]

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