The Pocket Guide to World History

Concorde. 1962-76. French/British joint development of a supersonic airliner. [Read more ...]

Condé. 1530-1866. Branch of French Bourbons. Revolt 1615. [Read more ...]

Condé, Louis I de Bourbon, Prince. 1530-60. Led Amboise Conspiracy. [Read more ...]

Condillac, Étienne de. 1715-80. French sensualist philosopher. Locke follower. [Read more ...]

Condorcet, Marquis de. 1743-94. French philosopher. Perfectibility of mankind. [Read more ...]

Condottieri. 14-15C. Ineffective Italian mercenary leaders. [Read more ...]

Confederacy. 1861-5. Rebel US government in American Civil War. [Read more ...]

Confederation. 1867. United Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Upper and Lower Canada as Dominion of Canada. [Read more ...]

Confederation Group. 19C Canadian nationalistic poets. Carmen. [Read more ...]

Confucius. 551-479BC. Chinese philosopher and moralist. Advocated reason, love and respect for others over supernatural. Chinese Exam. Wu Ching. [Read more ...]

Congo. 1482 Portugal explore. 1880 French settle(N). 1885 Belgium(S). 1910 «French Equatorial Africa. 1960 Independent. 1971 =Zaire. 1997 =Democratic Republic of Congo. Mobutu. [Read more ...]

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