The Pocket Guide to World History

Comédie-Francaise. Oldest National theatre. Founded by Louis XIV in 1680. Molière. [Read more ...]

Comenius, John. 1592-1670. Czech founder of direct method of language education. First use of pictures. [Read more ...]

Comic Opera. 18C revolt vs serious opera. Light style, familiar scenes. Italy: opera buffa; Fr: opéra comique; Eng: ballad opera; Ger: singspiel. Orig as intermezzo for opera. [Read more ...]

COMINFORM. Communist Information Bureau. 1947-56. Coordinated European party activities. [Read more ...]

COMINTERN. Third International 1919-43. [Read more ...]

Committee of Public Safety. 1793-5. Ruled France. Robespierre’s reign of Terror. [Read more ...]

Commodus. 161-192. Brutal Roman Emperor 177-. [Read more ...]

Common Law. Based on precedents derived from reason rather than a code of statutes. Originally English. [Read more ...]

Common Market. EEC. [Read more ...]

Commonwealth. 1649-60. Government of England after Charles I executed. Cromwell. [Read more ...]

Commonwealth. Organized community by consent of governed. Hobbes. Locke. [Read more ...]

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