The Pocket Guide to World History

Christian X. Danish king 1912-47. Symbol of Danish Resistance. Imprisoned by Nazis 1943-5. Women’s vote 1915. Independent Iceland 1918. [Read more ...]

Christian Era. 1 AD to present. Jewish Era. Muhammadan Era. Julian Calendar. [Read more ...]

Christian Science. 1879. Founded by Eddy. Death, illness are illusions to be overcome by faith. [Read more ...]

Christian Socialism. 19C. Kingsley’s appeal to upper class to help the masses. [Read more ...]

Christianity. World’s largest religion, based on acts and teachings of Jesus Christ, believed to be Son of God. Emphasises love for all.. [Read more ...]

Christie, Agatha. 1890-1976. English mystery writer. Mousetrap 1952. [Read more ...]

Christina. 1629-89. Swedish queen 1632-54. Abdicated. Patron of Arts. [Read more ...]

Christine de Pisan. c1364-1430. French poet. Love poems, ballads. [Read more ...]

Christo, (Gabrovo Javacheff). 1935-. Bulgarian/US artist with wife Jeanne-Claude. Pont Neuf Packaged 1985. Reichstag 1995. [Read more ...]

Chrysler, Walter. 1875-1940. Chrysler Corp. 1925. [Read more ...]

Chu Hsi. 1130-1200. Chinese Neo-Confucian. Four Books 1189. Individual goodness can be brought out by study of the classics. [Read more ...]

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