The Pocket Guide to World History

Chu Teh. 1886-1976. Commander-in-Chief of Chinese Red Army. Long March. [Read more ...]

Chuang-tzu. 4C Chinese Taoism interpreter. [Read more ...]

Chuikov, Vasily. 1900-82. Russian WWII General. Defended Stalingrad. [Read more ...]

Church of England. 1534. Anglican Church. National English church, founded by Henry VIII. Redefined by Elizabeth I, 1559. Act of Supremacy. [Read more ...]

Church of Scotland. National Church of Scotland. Reformation led by Knox. 1560 Abolished pope. 1689 Presbyterian. [Read more ...]

Churchill, John. 1650-1722. Marlborough. [Read more ...]

Churchill, Winston. 1874-1965. British WWII Prime Minister. 1940-5,51-5. [Read more ...]

Churrigueresque. Very ornate Spanish architectural style. Baroque. Plateresque. [Read more ...]

CIA. Central Intelligence Agency. 1947-. US information gathering agency. Replaced OSS. National Security Act. Activities: 1953 Iran. 1954 Guatemala. 1967 Guevara. 1973 Chile. 1976 Nigeria. [Read more ...]

Cicero, Marcus. 106-43BC. Roman orator. Opposed Caesar and Antony. Executed. De Re Republica 54-51BC. [Read more ...]

Ciceronian Period. 70-43BC. First great age of Latin literature. [Read more ...]

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