The Pocket Guide to World History

Chocolate. 1519 Cortes brings to Spain 1657 first Chocolate House. 1847 Fry: bars. 1875 Peter: Milk Chocolate. [Read more ...]

Cholula, Massacre. 1519. Cortes razes Mexican town; 3000 dead. [Read more ...]

Chomsky, Noam. 1928-. US linguist. Invented transformational grammar. Language and the Mind. [Read more ...]

Chopin, Fréderic. 1810-49. Polish/French composer of emotional expressiveness and pianist of great technical ability. Sand. [Read more ...]

Chou En-lai. 1898-1976. Chinese moderate Communist Prime Minister 1949-. [Read more ...]

Chouans. 1793-1815. Breton peasants and smugglers, joined Vendée Royalists. [Read more ...]

Chremonidean War. 267-261BC. Unsuccessful rebellion of Athens and Sparta vs Macedonians. [Read more ...]

Chrétien de Troyes. 12C. French poet. Legend of King Arthur. [Read more ...]

Christ. Jesus. Christianity. [Read more ...]

Christian II. King of Denmark and Norway, 1513-23; Sweden, 1520-3. End of Kalmar Union. Stockholm bloodbath. [Read more ...]

Christian IX. Danish King, 1863-1906. [Read more ...]

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