The Pocket Guide to World History

Chinese Civil War. 184 Yellow Turban Rebellion. 1622- Red Hat Rebellion. 1946-9 Communists rebel vs Kuomintang. People’s Republic established. [Read more ...]

Chinese Examination System. 124BC-1905. Civil service exams testing knowledge of Confucius. [Read more ...]

Chinese Exclusion Acts. 1882-1943. Banned Chinese immigration to US. Asian 1924-. [Read more ...]

Chinese Revolution. 1911. Manchu dynasty replaced by a republic. Sun Yat Sen. [Read more ...]

Ch’ing. =Manchu. [Read more ...]

Chinoiserie. 17-18C. European interpretation of Chinese style of art, decoration. [Read more ...]

Chippendale, Thomas. 1718-79. English neoclassical furniture designer. Book of Patterns, 1752. [Read more ...]

Chirico, Giorgio de. 1888-1978. Greek/It surrealist painter. [Read more ...]

Chiron. Greek centaur. [Read more ...]

Chivalry. 12-15C. International brotherhood of knights and their code of conduct. [Read more ...]

Chkheidze, Nikolai. 1864-1926. Russ. Menshevik leader. [Read more ...]

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