The Pocket Guide to World History

Alchemy. Magic art of Egyptian origin attempting to transmute metals, esp lead to gold. Based on belief that all metals are a pure base metal + impurities which the philosopher’s stone can remove. [Read more ...]

Alcibiades. c450-404BC. Athenian egoist general, Peloponnesian War. Murdered. [Read more ...]

Alcmaeonidae. 7-5C BC. Prominent Athenian family. Pericles. [Read more ...]

Alcock, John. 1892-1919. First non-stop transatlantic flight, 1919, with Brown. [Read more ...]

Alcott, Louisa May. 1832-88. US novelist: Little Women 1869. [Read more ...]

Alcuin. c735-804. English Counselor to Charlemagne. Set up monastic education system in Europe. [Read more ...]

Alden, John. c1599-1687. Pilgrim father. Married Priscilla Mullens. [Read more ...]

Aldermaston March. 1958-64. Annual ‘Ban the Bomb’ demonstration of CND. [Read more ...]

Aldine Editions. 1490-1597. Quality books printed by Aldo Manuzio and family, Venice. [Read more ...]

Aldrich, Henry. 1647-1710. English composer/architect: Peckwater Quad, Oxford, 1707-14. [Read more ...]

Alecto. Fury of Anger. [Read more ...]

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