The Pocket Guide to World History

Albertus Magnus, St. c1200-80. Swabian Dominican philosopher influenced Aquinas: independent observation of nature. Alchemist. [Read more ...]

Albigenses. (Cathars). Southern French ascetic Neo-Manichean heretic Christian sect. Eliminated by 13th Crusade, 1208-1229 and Inquisition. [Read more ...]

Albion. Ancient Greek, Roman name for Great Britain, probably from Gaelic. [Read more ...]

Alboin. -572. Germanic Lombard King. Allied Germanic tribes and conquered N Italy. [Read more ...]

Albornoz, Gil de. 1310-67. Restored papal authority, ending Babylonian Captivity. [Read more ...]

Albuquerque, Afonso de. 1453-1515. Portuguese conquistador. Expanded empire. [Read more ...]

Alcaçovas, Treaty. 1479. Portugal renounces claim to Castile. [Read more ...]

Alcaeus. c610-580BC. Greek tragic poet. [Read more ...]

Alcalá Zamora, Niceto. 1877-1949. President, Spanish Republic, 1931-6. Died in exile. [Read more ...]

Alcamenes. c440BC. Greek sculptor; delicacy and finish. [Read more ...]

Alcazar. 14-15C Moorish fortresses in Spain. Seville 1364. Toledo, Segovia. [Read more ...]

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