The Pocket Guide to World History

Alemanni. 3-6C. Confederation of Germanic tribes in Swabia defeated by Clovis, 496. [Read more ...]

Alembert, Jean Le Rand d’. 1717-83. French philosopher and mathematician, Encyclopaedist. [Read more ...]

Alesia. 52BC. Caesar defeats Vercingétorix, 52BC. Decisive in conquering Gaul. [Read more ...]

Alexander. 1876-1903. Serbian King, 1889-. Scandals, authoritarianism led to assassination. [Read more ...]

Alexander. 1888-1934. Yugoslav King, 1921-. United Serbs, Croats, Slovenes as Yugoslavia 1929. Assassinated. [Read more ...]

Alexander, Harold (of Tunis). 1891-1969. British. Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean 1944-45. Directed Dunkirk evacuation. Governor General of Canada, 1946-52. [Read more ...]

Alexander I. 1777-1825. Russian Czar, 1801-. Liberal reformer. Defeated Napoleon. Holy Alliance. [Read more ...]

Alexander II. 1818-81. Russian Czar 1855-. Emancipated serfs, 1861. Established elected assemblies, Zemstvo, settled Crimean War. Assassinated by Narodniki. [Read more ...]

Alexander III. 1845-1894. Russian Czar 1881-. Established absolute rule using secret police. Temporary Rules. Franco-Russian Alliance. [Read more ...]

Alexander III. Pope 1159-81. Instituted papal conclave to elect popes 1179. [Read more ...]

Alexander VI. Pope. Demarcation Bull 1493 divided newly discovered land between Spain, Portugal. Tordesillas. [Read more ...]

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