The Pocket Guide to World History

Charter. 1814-1830. French Constitution: Constitutional Monarchy, civil liberties, religious toleration. [Read more ...]

Charter to the Nobility. 1785. Rights and prerogatives of Russian nobility. [Read more ...]

Chartists. 1836-58. British workers’ reform movement. Petitions 1838,40,48 for universal male suffrage, ballot vote led to riots 1839. Lovett. [Read more ...]

Chartreuse. 1084. Isère, French first Carthusian monastery. [Read more ...]

Charybdis. Whirlpool between Italy and Sicily, opposite Scylla. [Read more ...]

Chase, Salmon. 1808-73. US. Founded Republican Party. National banking system. [Read more ...]

Chassériau, Théodore.1819-56. French portrait artist. [Read more ...]

Château Clique. Small merchant group dominated government of Lower Canada to 1830s. [Read more ...]

Chateaubriand. 1768-1848. French Romantic writer: d’Atala 1801. Memoirs d’outre-tombe. [Read more ...]

Chatterton, Thomas. 1752-70. English poet. Forerunner of Romantics. Suicide. [Read more ...]

Chaucer, Geoffrey. c1340-1400. English poet. Canterbury Tales, printed 1477. [Read more ...]

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