The Pocket Guide to World History

Chaykovsky, Nikolai. 1850-1926. Russian Socialist. Opposed Bolsheviks. Led counterrevolutionary government 1918-20. [Read more ...]

Che. 15C school of Ming painters in 12-13C style. [Read more ...]

Checkers Speech. 1952. US VP Nixon denies personal gain from campaign funds on TV. [Read more ...]

Cheever, John. 1912-82. US writer of middle-class America. Wapshot Chronicle 1957. [Read more ...]

Cheka. 1917-22. Russian secret police. GPU. [Read more ...]

Chekhov, Anton. 1860-1904. Russian melancholic cynical novelist/dramatist: Seagull, Three Sisters. [Read more ...]

Chénier, André de. 1762-94. French poet. Elegies. Guillotined. [Read more ...]

Cheops. c2600BC. Egyptian pharaoh, largest pyramid. [Read more ...]

Chernobyl. 1986. Ukraine nuclear power plant disaster. [Read more ...]

Cherokee. Indian tribe removed 1838-9 to Oklahoma. Trail of Tears. [Read more ...]

Cherubini, Luigi. 1760-1842. Italian/French composer. Classical form; French opera. [Read more ...]

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