The Pocket Guide to World History

Charles VIII. 1470-98. King of France 1483-. [Read more ...]

Charles IX. 1550-74. King of France 1560-. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. [Read more ...]

Charles X. 1757-1836. King of France 1824-30. Overthrown by revolt. [Read more ...]

Charles X Gustav. 1622-60. Swedish king 1654-. Gt. Northern War. [Read more ...]

Charles Emmanuel I. 1562-1630. Duke of Savoy. Last attack vs Geneva, 1602. Escalade. [Read more ...]

Charles Martel. The Hammer. 685-741. Unified Franks. Poitiers victory. Charlemagne’s grandfather. [Read more ...]

Charles the Bold. 1433-77. Duke of Burgundy. Adversary of Louis XI. [Read more ...]

Charlie, Bonnie Prince. 1720-88. Scottish Stuart pretender to the English throne. Unsuccessful revolt 1745. Exiled. [Read more ...]

Charlottetown Conference. 1864. Canadian provinces plan Confederation. [Read more ...]

Charon. Ferryman on River Styx. [Read more ...]

Charpentier, Marc. 1634-1704. French composer. Oratorios. [Read more ...]

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