The Pocket Guide to World History

Chaplin, Charlie. 1889-1977. English silent film actor. First international film star: The Kid 1921. Modern Times 1936. Little Tramp. [Read more ...]

Chapman, George. c1559-1634. English poet, playwright: Bussy d’Ambois 1607. Translated Homer. [Read more ...]

Chapman, John. = Johnny Appleseed. [Read more ...]

Chappe, Claude. 1763-1805. French engineer, physicist: Aerial telegraph 1792. [Read more ...]

Chardin, Jean. 1699-1779. French painter of still life and domestic scenes. Le Buffet 1728. [Read more ...]

Chardonnet, Comte de. 1839-1924. First Rayon factory. [Read more ...]

Chares. Greek bronze sculptor: Colossus of Rhodes 292BC. [Read more ...]

Charlemagne. c742-814. King of France 768-. Restored Western Roman Empire, 800. [Read more ...]

Charles, Jacques. French physicist, launched early hydrogen balloon 1783 with Robert. Gas Law V=kT 1798. [Read more ...]

Charles I. c742-814. King of France. = Charlemagne. [Read more ...]

Charles I. 1600-49. King of Great Britain and Ireland. 1625-. Attempted to rule without Parliament. Defeated in Civil War. Beheaded. [Read more ...]

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