The Pocket Guide to World History

Charles I. 1887-1922. Last ruler of Austro-Hungarian Empire, 1916-18. [Read more ...]

Charles I, of Anjou. 1226-85. French King of Naples and Sicily 1246-. Son of Louis VIII. Harsh rule. First Angevin. [Read more ...]

Charles II. 1630-85. King of Great Britain and Ireland. Restored monarchy, 1660. [Read more ...]

Charles II, the Bald. 823-77. King of France 843-. Emperor of the West 875-. Verdun Treaty. [Read more ...]

Charles III. 1716-88. King of Spain 1759-. Enlightened despot. Lost Florida but strengthened empire. [Read more ...]

Charles III, the Simple. 879-929. King of France 893-923. Added Lorraine. Deposed. [Read more ...]

Charles IV, the Fair. 1294-1328. King of France 1322-, and Navarre. Won part of Aquitaine from England. Last Capetian. [Read more ...]

Charles V. 1500-1558. Hapsburg king of Netherlands 1515-55, Spain 1516-56, Germany 1519-. Holy Roman Emperor 1519-56. Fought Francis I. Divided Austria from Spain. Fought Turks. [Read more ...]

Charles V, the Wise. 1338-80. King of France 1364-. New rampart around Paris. [Read more ...]

Charles VI, the Well-beloved. 1368-1422. King of France 1380-. Insanity led to Civil War. Berry. [Read more ...]

Charles VII, the Well-served. 1403-61. King of France 1422-. Joan of Arc. Arras Treaty. Pragmatic Sanction. [Read more ...]

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