The Pocket Guide to World History

Chancellor. Title of prime minister of Germany. [Read more ...]

Chandler, Raymond. 1888-1959. US novelist. Big Sleep 1939. Detective Philip Marlow. [Read more ...]

Chanel, Gabrielle (Coco). 1883-1971. French haut couture, perfume doyenne. Simplicity. [Read more ...]

Chang Ch’ien. -114BC. Chinese explorer to India, Bactria. [Read more ...]

Chang Ling. 33-156. Founded Taoism in China. [Read more ...]

Ch’ang O. Chinese moon goddess. [Read more ...]

Channel Islands. 911 Norman. 1066 England. Autonomous British crown possession. [Read more ...]

Channel Tunnel. Mathieu conceived the idea in 1802. Begun 1880s. French-English agreements to proceed, 1964, 1985. Opened 1994. [Read more ...]

Chanson de Roland. 12C French epic poem. Roncesvalles. Roland. [Read more ...]

Chantrey, Francis. 1781-1841. British sculptor. [Read more ...]

Chaos. Greek mythical pre-creation state of universe. [Read more ...]

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