The Pocket Guide to World History

Chambers, Ephraim. c1680-1740. First English Cyclopaedia 1728, used by French Encyclopedists. [Read more ...]

Chambers, William. 1726-96. English Palladian architect. Somerset House 1776-86. [Read more ...]

Chambers, William and Robert. 19C.Scottish reference book publishers. [Read more ...]

Chambord, Count de. 1820-83. Claimed French throne; inflexibility led to failure of Bourbon restoration negotiations 1874. [Read more ...]

Chambres Ardentes. 1535-1682. French courts. Tried nobles, heretics. [Read more ...]

Champ-de-Mars. Garden under the Eiffel Tower. Originally Gabriel’s parade ground for École Militaire. [Read more ...]

Champa. 2-15C Vietnamese kingdom. 5-6C China. 1471 Vietn dest. [Read more ...]

Champlain, Samuel de. c1567-1635. French explorer of Canada. First Governor of New France. Founded Quebec city 1608. [Read more ...]

Champollion, Jean. 1790-1832. French. Deciphered Egyptian hieroglyphics. Rosetta Stone. [Read more ...]

Champs-Élysée. Paris boulevard. (=Elysian Fields.) Trees planted by Le Nôtre 1667. Named 1709. [Read more ...]

Chanak Crisis. 1922. British fear Turkish threat to Dardanelles. Lausanne Peace, 1923. [Read more ...]

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