The Pocket Guide to World History

Chain, Ernst. 1906-79. With Florey, purified penicillin. [Read more ...]

Chakkri. 1782-. Dynasty ruling Thailand. [Read more ...]

Chalcedon, Council. 451. Clarified orthodox Catholic beliefs. Sees of Rome and Byzantium established. Christ’s dual nature. [Read more ...]

Chaldean Empire. 625-538BC. Last Babylonian Empire. Conquered by Persia. Nabopolassar. [Read more ...]

Chalgrin, J-F. Architect of Arc de Triomphe 1806; Odéon. [Read more ...]

Challenger Expedition. 1872-6. Oceanic survey of currents, depths, temps. [Read more ...]

Châlons, Battle. 451. Attila’s westward conquest stopped by Visigoths and Romans. [Read more ...]

Chamberlain, Austen. 1863-1937. British Statesman. Locarno Pact. [Read more ...]

Chamberlain, Houston. 1855-1927. British/German antisemite pro-Aryan philosopher. Foundation of the Nineteenth Century, 1899. [Read more ...]

Chamberlain, Joseph. 1836-1914. English imperialist politician. [Read more ...]

Chamberlain, Neville. 1869-1940. English statesman, Prime Minister, 1937-40. Appeasement Policy towards Hitler. Munich Agreement. [Read more ...]

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