The Pocket Guide to World History

Alba Longa. Italian birthplace of Romulus and Remus. Oldest Latin city (1152BC). [Read more ...]

Alban, St. -c303. First British martyr. [Read more ...]

Albania. Balkans. 3-5C Visigoth, Huns invade. 6-7C Bulgars, Serbs, Slavs invade.12-15C Bulgar, Norman, Angevin, Serb, Venice contest.15C Ottoman. 1912 Independent republic. 1928 Monarchy (Zog). 1939 Italy occupies. 1945 Communist (Hoxha). 1961 Left Warsaw Pact. 1991 Democratic Constitution. [Read more ...]

Albee, Edward. 1928-. US playwright. Pulitzer-Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 1962. [Read more ...]

Albeniz, Isaac. 1860-1909. Spanish piano composer: Iberia. [Read more ...]

Alberoni, Giulio. 1664-1752. Acting Prime Minister, directed Spanish revival 1716-19. [Read more ...]

Albert, Prince Consort. 1819-1861. Married Queen Victoria, 1840. Responsible for International exhibitions 1851, 62. Moderated Trent Affair. [Read more ...]

Albert I. 1848-1922. Prince of Monaco. [Read more ...]

Albert I. 1875-1932. King of Belgians, 1909. Led army WWI. Introduced universal male suffrage. [Read more ...]

Albert of Brandenburg. 1490-1568. First Duke of Prussia, 1525. Ended Teutonic Knights’ rule. [Read more ...]

Alberti, Leon. 1404-72. Italian Renaissance Man. Artist, poet, geographer, mathematician. [Read more ...]

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